You went out for a meal with the Faulkners yesterday and Derek managed to stay awake so I understand. My source tells me the meal was nice too.

Are you really going shopping in Waitrose as it’s only Thursday. You wait until next week when it’s a Bank Holiday, it will take you days to work out what day you’re on…
You can keep your sky as mine is fine, blue and clear. I’m very happy with it. I can hear a bulldozer working nearby. The sound appears to be coming from behind me but the work should be on the new greenhouse site across the road.
I have also forgotten to mention Fencing Man who has completed his demarcation of the plot bordered on two sides by roads, one side by the camping and one by another vacant plot. I think there may be some kind of activity nearby quite soon. Maybe my view will be changing.
You are not alone when it comes to machines digging stuff up.


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