No change again!

I got to the supermarket before all the brown bread ran out today and was waiting at the checkout where Dimitris, the manager/owner was on the till. A local was chatting to him and paid €35.50 for something which had to come from the large metal storage cabin outside. Dimitris put his hands on his head and said in his best English: “Greek people are all crazy” and then in Greek: “I don’t know why you have come here”; to which I replied in Greek: “Because I’m crazy too!” My purchases came to €2.40 for some bread, liquid soap, which doesn’t go all soggy like bars of soap, and some garlic. I only had a €20 note so he stuffed it all into a bag and said “next time”. They are all crazy in Greece!

I passed the giant toothpick on my way back. In fact, it passed me as I went to the supermarket yesterday. It’s a large machine with a long, articulated arm, and a big hydraulic pick on the end. It was not the JCB making the noise, as I suspected, but the giant toothpick. I’ve not heard the JCB yet today.


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