So I was on the beach with the Small Dogs and Boris and Dave were back at Grammeno, when I bumped into this young Dutch couple on holiday in Greece for the first time. I suggested they might like to get a drink in the camping bar before going for a meal at the Grameno Restaurant (not the camping one) so we did. Eventually, it got to 21:00 so I gave them a whistle-stop tour of the camping before directing them out of the gate towards the Grameno Restaurant. They might decide to come back another time and stay at the camping rather than in a room in Paleochora.

I have done my bit to bolster the Greek economy and hopefully that of the camping too.
The dogs were barking noisily when I quickly showed them to my lair as every other dog also seemed to be barking too. Now all of mine are quiet which is a good thing as a couple with a small girl set up not that far away. My washing has been drying since yesterday afternoon and I finished off the towels and the bed sheet this afternoon. It’s dry but it can stay out all night to freshen up. All the shirts and shorts are folded up and put away tidily. I’m not sure that the remainder of the van could be classed as tidy though. One day it will be, just not quite yet.
The Small Dogs ran to the supermarket again today rewarding me with a lovely quiet day again without even the use of E collars. Luis has lost quite a bit of fur where the collar has rubbed him so I am only going to leave them on for short periods for a while. There are fewer people and the dogs are getting more obedient, so I need to use them less. They like to cut short the morning walk by rushing back to the camping to play with the strays currently roaming about which is a bit of a pain so they have to go on a lead all the time or have the collars so I can get them back. They are waiting for me when I get back but that’s hardly the point.
I’d better get some food as it’s 21:33…


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