Remember Alex?

Alex and I arrived at Grammeno, on the same day, almost two years ago. He came to get his head straight following family problems in Norway where he had a flat. He and I spent some time together until he decided to return to his girlfriend, daughter etc. I was sitting outside in deep contemplation of the distant mountains when suddenly this familiar face appeared out of the blue. Two years on and Alex is back at Grammeno, this time just visiting since he wishes to travel around the island before the season ends. He wanted to see if I was still here and surprised to find that I still am. We had a good chat and drank coffee before he left to get himself organised. Not too many people are here that were here then. Alex gave me news of the English guy, John, who was here at that time as well. He is now in New Zealand and farming sheep. During our reminiscence, Alex recalled our English learning sessions and the time we spent discussing his difficulties. He was struggling at that time but appears more relaxed now that he has sold up in Norway and sorted things out with his girlfriend.

Today is breezy and quite cloudy with even a few spots of rain earlier which made me dash out to bring in my washing which was quite dry. It seems very much that summer is turning into autumn as it was only 21C when I took all the dogs out for their morning walk. I had a long call with Matthew as we went through quite a complicated quotation he needed for one of his clients. Matthew’s strong points are not reading and composition as you know. He tells me that he is planning to go out to Thailand to bring back Molly and to see his wife Nat. Hopefully, the appeal against the visa refusal will be heard in October and then she will have the opportunity to come to UK to be with them.

At the supermarket this morning the Nice Lady from Georgia was on the till nibbling a biscuit from an open packet close by. She gave me one whilst we discussed my marital status when I confirmed that I’d never been married. She then asked me why, and then, following a brief pause, answered her own question by saying that I do as I like: I get up when I wish, eat what I like and do as I want. At which point, addressing the deli counter lady, they both agreed that being single has a lot of benefits.

Tony and Ursula, the English couple, are still here and I chat to them briefly as I pass with the dogs. I gave them a couple of glasses I’d reclaimed from elsewhere in the camping as they’d not brought any with them from their house in France. I felt that it was letting the side down to be supping Cretan wine from a plastic beaker. No doubt I will inherit the glasses, together with other treasures, when they eventually leave Grammeno. I think they are planning to stay whilst the weather is decent before visiting family in Athens and then returning to UK via their house in France. Yesterday morning I was drinking coffee with them whilst Maria was touring the camping with prospective punters. There are still a few here although I suspect that would change if the weather deteriorates. Ursula is asleep outside, sitting in her chair, with her head wedged in the crook of a conveniently located tree branch. Tony has just emerged from their tent which they are vainly defending against a very small kitten which is trying desperately to befriend them.

It’s coming up to six so I’m off to walk the Small Dogs, hopefully without getting wet.


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