Hotter today

Making up for the lower temperatures in August, today’s high was 36.7C Saturday is forecast to be warmer as is Monday. Lows around 27C.

The Albanians have not mown the garden so I have not ventured there for figs.

Ursula and Tony have invited me out for a meal before they leave Grammeno: I get to choose the venue and time of day. I have chosen the Grameno restaurant and lunchtime so the dogs will be quiet and it matters little even if they bark. It might be a bit of a boozy affair. They prefer to eat lunchtimes anyway.

Walking with the Small Dogs earlier, by some quirk of fate, I encountered the Dutch couple from the other day. Them knowing that I walk the same place at the same time may have influenced the ‘fate’ aspect of our encounter. They took my advice and walked the Samaria Gorge on a weekday using the first bus from Paleochora taking the boat back in the afternoon. We chatted before leaving together with them hoping to cadge a lift back to Paleochora from a friendly passing motorist.


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