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Out with the Small Dogs in the evening, I ran into the couple with their daughter who had been sleeping on the beach and were just leaving. They said they’d probably be back soon in order to see all the lilies out and in full bloom. I whizzed round with the Small Dogs who were not too energetic following their long morning walk and the run to the supermarket and went back to Grammeno to see if Κερια Σοφηι was still there. They were packing up and getting ready but I was invited to come to finish off the remainder of the water melon from earlier in the day. We got chatting, as they were interested in how things went when I got back from UK last year and the apparent change in heart on Georgia’s part. Whilst at it, I thought I’d mention a few other interesting snippets of information as I believe it is always good to share, especially with the property owner. They finally got away as it was getting dark after I’d distracted the previously mentioned small kitten playing under their car. Before they departed I asked if it would be ok for me to go into the garden across the road from the camping which is now sandwiched between the new greenhouse construction project and the vegetable packing plant. I now have vested rights to as many FIGS as I wish, so long as I get there before the Albanians whο are charged with cutting the grass.

I then went for some nibble and stuff with Ursula and Tony as they like a bit of a chat in the evenings otherwise they end up going to bed early and waking up early too. Our conversation encompassed Tony’s interesting family and Greek relatives and other family members.
We called it a day around 23:00 and I put myself and the dogs to bed only to be woken up around 03:00 by Boris who had jammed himself behind Fido’s cage and was participating in a “This is my territory” growling contest. Unlike Luis, Fido holds his own against Boris and doesn’t just allow himself to be pushed around. I spelt it out to Boris who then shut up having been yanked out and told to go to his bed. I don’t take prisoners at that time of the morning and Boris knows this, so doesn’t resist.
I’m glad it’s Friday as it has been an exhausting week with all this socialising.


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