Hottest day of the year today

It’s already very warm, hotter than it’s been for a long time. The forecast is 39C but it may be more before the day’s out. Yesterday evening I took the Small Dogs down to the pebble beach, where there are fewer people, and sat in the sea. I might do the same again later today.

Ursula and Tony have taken an apartment up the road and are going to leave the camping as Tony has developed a nasty rash which seems to get worse when it’s hot. The apartment has air con and a pool. We are supposed to be meeting up for lunch today however they may cancel as it’s so hot.
The camping appeared quite busy over the weekend however many left last night whilst some went this morning. The area above me is quite empty although I don’t know how many there are in the lower part of the camping. The schools go back on 11 September although those that are used for the poll on 20 September.
The temperature spiked to 40.7C (105.3F) at 11.52 although it has now dropped back down to a chilly 34.2C! so this has been the hottest day of 2015.


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