No Lunch!

But we went out for a meal in the evening as it was too hot at lunchtime.

Whilst exercising the Small Dogs and going to the supermarket, I ran into Tony who had also been shopping. Unfortunately, due to his ‘forgetfulness’, he had forgotten where the apartment building was where they are staying so was driving around in ever-decreasing circles. Unfortunately, I was not in a position to help him as they are staying in the annexe to Flisvos apartments which is up the hill, not far from the greenhouses which were erected last year. I waiting for Tony whilst he went to see but eventually gave up as the Small Dogs were in need of a drink.
Due to the unusually hot weather, we decided to go for lunch in the evening so met up at the camping at around 19:20 as they needed some stuff from their tent. Tony had eventually found the apartment but had been away for quite a while. Consequently, they had brunch.
The restaurant was not too busy and is located not far from the sea with trees at the front and a covered area with ceiling fans behind. So what did we have to eat after all? We decided to have things to share to make it more interesting. There was a Greek salad, some Bruschetta (tomatoes on biscuit with cheese), squid, fish and giant beans in sauce. Naturally, there was some wine and water followed by fresh fruit and some raki to round things off. They dropped me off at the camping around 22:15 and I sat outside for a while as it was 33C inside the van. Before bedtime I put on the fan and had it pointing at my bed all night.
Yesterday’s maximum was 43.8C (109F) which is hotter than last year’s high. The air was like opening an oven door so I decided to flake out on my chair in the shade before taking the Small Dogs to the sea late afternoon where we all sat in the water. Dave and Boris staying back at the camping as I knew it would be too hot out for them.
Today has been cooler with a max of a mere 39C (102.2F) so I have got a little more done. Ursula came to the camping earlier to start packing things away leaving Tony in the apartment with a fan. She did not mention if he went to the shop earlier. They plan to come together tomorrow to take down the tent then stay in the apartment until Friday when they will travel further east before heading to Athens and then home in UK via their house in France.
I’m going to take the Small Dogs down to the sea again to sit in the water. I plan to stake them down so that I can go off swimming for a little without them trotting off on an exploration mission.
There are not so many in the camping today and no one in my ‘garden’ as the only tents actually there are unoccupied. There are still a few tents in the other section but the Italians with the German Shepherds and the disabled daughter left earlier to start their journey back home via Patras and Ancona. They have a very nice Hymer with air con which has been adapted to accommodate their daughter. I suggested they might wish to return earlier in the season as it is cooler and there are fewer people. Not that it is crowded now.
The front of the camping near the beach still has some people present but not that many. I wonder how much longer the bar will remain open.


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