Out to lunch

Despite the forecast proclaiming that today would be hotter than yesterday, it’s been, so far, a lot cooler than yesterday which is not a bad thing as it’s still a very nice temperature.

Yesterday morning Tony and Ursula came to Grammeno to take down their tent and to pack their car. I left them to sort most of it out as I had stuff to do so felt they could get on with it on their own. I, however, assisted with the final packing up of their tent and to wrestle it back into the bag. It’s one of those hybrid tents which has air tubes instead of poles so it’s important to squash all of the air out before putting it back in the bag. Fortunately, I have acquired a certain amount of tent experience over the years so was able to get the monster back into the labyrinth. Tony suggested that we might like to adjourn briefly to the Grammeno Camping bar where we consumed a couple of cold beers following all the tent-wrestling. They took themselves off to have lunch somewhere and I answered some emails before going into standby in my chair outside in the shade.
Later I went off to the beach with the Small Dogs for some swimming leaving them tied up to a stake on the shore.
Today I am going to lunch with Tony and Ursula as they will be leaving tomorrow morning to continue their exploration of Crete. I have suggested they might like to go east to a camping I visited back in 2000 with Kieron and Danny. That’s if it still exists of course.
I’ve been doing lots of computer things this morning as I suspect I will have limited interested in work following lunch out, supported probably by a little wine.


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