All go again!

Lunch at the Dilino was really not bad and, at only €39 for three including wine and raki, very good value too. I left Ursula and Tony at the Dilino car park and headed back to change and tidy up a bit. No sooner had I got back than the Dutch woman, whose name I cannot remember, whose partner is called Jimmy, appeared to invite me for a drink as they were visiting Grammeno for the last time before heading back to The Netherlands today. We had a good chat and a beer and they returned to Paleochora as they were meeting up with some elderly English gentlemen who come to Crete every year to walk. Some of these guys are in their 80’s and the young Dutch couple said they were struggling to keep up!

On my way back from the shower, having walked and fed all of the dogs – even Boris and Dave decided to come for the evening walk, I bumped into an English couple who were admiring the large bandsaw which is propped up against a large boulder outside of the workshop. I have mentioned it before as it belonged to the owner’s father. We had a good chat about Crete and the camping as they said that they had fled the north as it was too crowded. They are planning to come back earlier in the year, when it’s cooler, to do some walking in the mountains. I suggested April/May. They are also interested in the flora.
This morning I popped in to see if Ursula and Tony were still in residence in their apartment to find them still packing up. I tied the Small Dogs to the irrigation pipe at the entrance and went inside. They said they were planning to come by the camping as they forgot to give me the paracetamol which they had promised from Tony’s stash. He has an on-going neck problem so gets bulk paracetamol from The Health but had brought far more than he could ever use. Seeing as I am down to my last tablet, and drugs can only be obtained from the chemists due to restrictive practices, they offered to give me their excess. They have a mobile pharmacy anyway! Pills for this and pills for that! We had a coffee and I looked at their view over the bay towards Paleochora and tested out their balcony. Then I carried down the bulk of their stuff and left Tony to decide where to put it all as the Small Dogs were in the sun and in need of a drink.
I decided we need a bit more wind so have deployed my awning again. Sure enough, the wind is getting up! I have been playing with computers and fiddling with backups so know how to have a good time. Maybe, as it’s Friday, some more people will come to the camping for the weekend. There is only one tent in my ‘garden’ at present.

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