Talking to old ladies in their night attire!

I saw that Κερια Σοφια was in her little flat last night so went there earlier this morning to ask if she wanted anything from the supermarket. She appeared at the door in her night attire as I had awoken her from her slumbers. What will the neighbours be saying now? First a woman on the beach eating watermelon and now being seen with elderly ladies in their night attire!

I took her two plates back and she asked if I could help with a little job at her house which I have not seen her ever use. She was looking for some papers and came upon a 100Dr note from yesteryear. We agreed that you couldn’t go out on the town for 100Dr. Then she took me over to her garden where I gathered figs and had a quick look around. The garden is indeed extensive with a big empty patch in the middle. From what I can see, it is fenced and goes back a long way. There are lots of olive trees and some fig trees as well. She told me that the Albanians take the figs and she gets very few. On the subject of Albanians, Kostas tells me that he is getting a big dog for next year to defend his salt collection interests.
So I now have carte blanche to gather figs at will and we ate another fruit which I don’t know. Whilst eating the figs I didn’t have my glasses on so was unable to see if I was eating any livestock. She was looking very attentively for any small animals but I said that I didn’t care. What the eye don’t see…
The season is winding down as more people left the camping this morning. Some of the guys were clearing away the tents which belong to the camping and generally clearing away all the bits and pieces left by the punters.
A Swedish couple were outside the supermarket earlier and they said they were considering finding a place so that they could come back regularly. They were walking to Paleochora so I waited for them at the entrance to the camping and showed them around a bit. They liked the camping and said they might rent one of the caravans to try it out. The French guy who came last year and then came back a couple of weeks ago has also left this morning as I spotted him going out the gate. He gave me a cheery wave as he drove off.


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