Chilly this morning

Out before the sun rose when some cars still had their lights on, it was quite a bit chilly (23.6C). Not helped by the north wind which has been blowing since yesterday morning. I knew that, as soon as I put my awning up again, it would start to blow, however, the wind is, at present, not strong enough to bother the awning.

In fact, I spent the whole night under my sheet and even resorted to the duvet at one point, although that was too warm.
Heading for the third poll of the year on Sunday, I’m afraid the excitement is just not there: for me at least. When Syriza came to power in January, that was exciting: with the expectation of change aided and abetted by Mr Varoufakis. Alas, Varoufakis is also deluded by the turnaround following the referendum in July, even to the point of not contesting his seat. He has moved back to his blog, TV interviews and writing as his means of change. We knew at the outset that he is an academic and not a politician but he managed to achieve his goal of enlightening the world as to the plight of the Greeks. His latest blog praises the Germans for their stance in the refugee crisis, the welcoming German people and the efforts to absorb as many migrants as possible. He touches on the aspect of an ulterior motive with his references to Kant and finally delivers the nub of his message by doubling back to the Greek Crisis and the lack of concern there. The article was first published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung so it should receive a good number of reads by his target audience.
Whichever political party wins the election on Sunday is surely as doomed as the Lib Dems following their Conservative coalition: in the next government it pays to be in opposition.
Not so many on the camping now although some Italians arrived yesterday afternoon and planted their tent. The rental tents have been taken down and put into storage and some effort has been made to consolidate the store room. I feel they will need to do better if they plan to store as much as was stored last year.
Fresh figs for breakfast!

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