I have a mouse

I appear to have gained a rodent. Only one, as far as I know. Luis spent quite a bit of time looking for it yesterday evening however he was unsuccessful at finding it. Sounds of mouse activity from a number of locations except for the mouse trap. I may consider relocating the trap to a more frequented position.

On the beach last night, a young German couple were enjoying the afternoon sun as well as the fairly persistent northerly wind. Boris performed for his ‘public’ by constantly recovering his ball from the sea and presenting it for throwing again. I gave up before he did and we returned to Grammeno. The couple were waiting for the bus this morning as I went out with the Small Dogs on the dash to the supermarket. They were still there when we got back so I engaged them in conversation whilst the bus passed on its outbound journey before returning to pick them up. They are flying back to Germany tomorrow although he is off to Romania next week on a week study course as part of psychology qualifications.
A French couple in a ‘Stealth Camper’ (a van fitted out as a camper but looking like a van on the outside) arrived yesterday evening. I practised French with them on my way out to the supermarket. They have been coming to Greece since the Dawn of Time and to Crete for a number of years too. They commented on how nice it was to hear French spoken by a foreigner with virtually no accent. It takes me a bit of time to get back into French as I don’t really speak as much as I used. I find myself fishing around for worms.
Some cardboard cleared out from the storeroom yesterday during their cleaning session seemed to be too good to waste so I rescued it to put into the various dog houses for the cooler weather. I stuffed some under a clean blanket in Boris’ house and then another piece in the larger cage where Fido sleeps. I emerged later to find that Boris was bedding in Fido’s new sleeping arrangements having invited himself into his cage. Fido never goes there during the day as he prefers to lurk on the platform under the van step or under the van with Luis. Fido also takes Boris’ food from time to time and Boris simply lets him. Fido has his own food but everyone else’s tastes just that little bit better. Luis will defend his bowl to the death but then walk away once the threat has disappeared. Like USA and UK, Fido appears to have a ‘special relationship’ with Boris.
I think some rain and thunderstorms are headed your way…
Our thunderstorm season begins next month.


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