One down, how many to go?

I took five with me for a walk this morning. Four dogs and a mouse. The mouse was going on a one-way trip to the end of the promontory rather than a cycle trip to Κριοσ Beach.

As it was jolly windy in the night, I woke up and closed the large roof light and the rear window and then later to wander around outside to make sure the guys holding down the awning were still firmly pegged into the ground and unlikely to part. I then decided to see just how hard the wind was blowing on my iPad before actually getting back to sleep at around 04:00.
Later I awoke to the sound of a mouse climbing out of the open cardboard box of dog biscuits I had moved to the counter top having discovered that there were already signs of rodent interest. The bone-shaped biscuit was almost the same size as the mouse, however, he was not about to give up the struggle just because I was watching him. I had a torch on, as it was still dark, and he finally abandoned the biscuit to scarper behind the cushions on the rear bench seat. I saw him plain enough, a sleek, dark little mouse – very pretty in fact, but a damn nuisance nonetheless. I looked at the trap I had put under one of the cushions to find a mouse sitting happily in there. Not the one which has taken the biscuit I don’t think. However neither of them seem large enough to account for the mouse turd, the size of which, an elephant would have been proud.
Anyway, the captured mouse went for a walk with the dogs and was released into the shrubs on the beach. I opened the trap whereupon the mouse usually makes a dash for freedom, only to find it hiding under the tilting platform at the entrance of the trap. I put the trap down and withdrew to watch what would happen. After a while, the mouse came out from under the platform and wandered out of the trap and onto the rock. It didn’t appear to be in any hurry but then investigated under the branches before finally disappearing out of sight. Meanwhile Boris was chasing his ball and Luis and Fido were tied up nearby as I didn’t see the point in bringing the mouse all the way out to the beach only to get eaten by one of the Small Dogs upon release. After that I threw several balls in an attempt to wear Luis out and then we went to the beach for a swim before returning for breakfast.
Luis and Fido are getting fitter, thanks to the morning run to the supermarket and back, so now I need to enhance the pace a little so as to actually wear them out. Each day, we go a little faster and they seem able to keep up without a problem. Perhaps I should consider doing my daily shopping in Paleochora to give them a nice 11km run?


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