Only a matter of days and we are likely to see some rain too.

I might have mentioned that it was windy last night and earlier this morning. Whilst looking at the weather for the weekend, I see there is the possibility of rain forecast for Sunday night and Monday together with strong winds. To avoid structural damage, I think I will take my awning down for a few days as it will be more prone to damage if the ground is wet and the pegs come loose. I then don’t have to worry about it blowing away and damaging other parts of the van.
I noticed that your print queue had several jobs all the same. Repeatedly pressing the print button simply sends a duplicate job to the printer queue which is why you get loads of pages spewing uncontrollably out of the printer.
Best to check the print queue if you think there is a problem, delete all the jobs in the queue, turn off the printer and then back on again to clear it and then to start again by sending the job only once.
Useful tip:
When cleaning one’s teeth, remove shirt to avoid annoying dribble marks which you only notice on your return from the supermarket. What must they be thinking? The alternative is to have teeth like stars – which come out at night, and can be brushed on the bench.


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