Rain is on the way

There is likely to be a fair amount of rain tomorrow and Tuesday starting around 06:00 so I’ve been putting Fido’s cage, currently occupied by Boris, onto a pallet to get it off the ground. I decided to leave the awning up as the forecast is for wind of around 25km/h which is not too bad. I’ve put blocks at the back of Boris’ igloo to tilt it forward and shoved his other bed under the back of the van which is protected by the fence and the van. Staff are buzzing around rounding up polyethene to cover the bar as it was a bit of a disaster after the downpour in the middle of August.

Today has been warm and sunny and I spent some of it in deep contemplation of the distant cloud formations over the mountains. On the beach this evening, the guy who does the Ammos Άμμος (sand) beach bar, came to me, as I stood in the sea throwing Boris’ ball, to ask me to keep an eye open for some Albanians who have been targeting tourists on the beach. Apparently, some money was stolen from a guy who was snorkelling. Minutes later, a young Albanian appeared on the beach somewhat perturbed by the approach of Dave and Boris. Nevertheless, he maintained his composure and threw Boris’ ball a couple of times before leaving. The lad had plenty of distinguishing features including a plethora of tattoos over most of his torso. I will discuss my findings with my man tomorrow as it might be a good day for drinking ouzo out of the rain.

Incidentally, I have an embarrassing ouzo situation as I only recently finished off the bottle of ouzo I bought last OCTOBER. I will be drummed out of the Guild of Ouzo Drinkers for dereliction of duty!

I just heard a noise from within the van: the sound of a mouse chewing on stale bread, on the counter, with all the lights on. I have relocated the trap only to find a mouse poo on top of it! This mouse is VERY cheeky and has got to go.

An English couple were chatting with me on the beach yesterday evening. They are staying in one of the CBV (Cedar Bay Villas) and they waved when they saw me from afar this evening. Another couple from UK arrived in the camping as I got back and I directed them to the bar to find staff. They commented that the camping looked empty and I replied that the season was almost over. I warned them of impending rain but they have a caravan so don’t care.

We will know who won today’s election by morning.


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