It IS raining today…

…however it wasn’t raining when we went out at 07:00 for our morning walk and swim in the sea. In fact, although a bit cloudy, it was warm and quite bright. Now I can hear the thunder rumbling around out to sea and see some lightning flashes through the roof light.

Boris has retired under the rear of the van but is wearing a collar in case he decides to start barking uncontrollably. To begin with, he barked a bit, but Luis has made more noise than anyone so far. Not necessarily because of the thunder, more that Luis likes to make noise. He is heading in the direction of the other collar which, unfortunately, is still on the handlebars of the bike. It is there because Luis was wearing it when we went to the supermarket the other morning, and I decided to remove it as he was going to be running hard, Dave is reluctantly in his house and Fido is laying peacefully near my feet. In fact he is the least nutty of the whole bunch with Dave in second place. Both Luis and Boris are basket cases.
So far there has only been 1mm (0.04in) of rain so really only enough to wet the top layer of sand. The WeatherUnderground forecast talks of 55mm rain before the day is out with a further 10mm tomorrow. That can be quite easily achieved if it has a mind to.
Greece has a new government this morning following Syriza’s election win yesterday and their renewed coalition with ANEL, the Independent Greeks party. Between them they don’t have such an impressive majority as they did following January’s election, however, the Loony Left faction which departed following the MOU (bailout) turnaround have formed their own party LAE (Popular Unity). As it turned out, they were not as popular as they’d hoped only realising 2.8% of the vote. Whereas Golden Dawn, the Neo Nazi party, received 7% of the votes. The election came at a good time for Golden Dawn since Greece is currently swimming with immigrants which are being encouraged to leave as soon as possible since Greece already has enough problems of its own.
I can hear a mouse chewing on something beneath me in the rear locker…

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