Packing up

It did rain yesterday, but not very much. It rained in the night, but not very much and it was raining this morning when we went out for our walk, but only Boris got really wet but that may have had something to do with going in the sea.

The sea was quite rough yesterday and Boris delighted in swimming out, through the waves, to rescue his ball. Today it was much calmer however still quite interesting. The wind has changed from west yesterday to northeast today so the weather is coming from the other direction.
The chairs and umbrellas have been dragged up the beach in front of CBV but not the camping as yet. There seem to be no people in the top part of the camping however a few remain nearer the beach.
Who says mice are more active at night? It’s 13:02 and I’ve just looked up to see a mouse in my cutlery drawer. The little devil was almost sitting next to me as I watched the box last night. Luis spent most of his evening gazing into the ‘bathroom’ AKA storage space, in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the the rodent. This rodent needs to go but it seems to have little interest in my mousetrap. The trap contains a fine mixture of chocolate bar, bread, nuts, dog biscuit etc which I would have thought would be irresistible to any self-respecting mouse. Obviously, I’m wrong as the creature is getting into everything else except the trap. I woke up in the night to hear it gnawing away on something – it has to go!
The rain has now stopped and the sun has come out although it’s a little cloudy and a bit cooler.

I have just had a little ‘conversation’ with the Small Dogs regarding not barking as I have quite a few support calls to deal with and certainly can do without dogs barking and interrupting my work. I think I have made my point as all is now quiet outside and they have both slunk off to lurk under the van out of my way.
I am pleased that Costa is providing you with plenty of entertainment and wonder if it would be possible to set up CostaCam with a 24/7 video feed a bit like my GrammenoWeatherCam. A time lapse video could be created and a means for you to be able to view the video feed regardless of where your are: shower, loo, snug, bed etc etc.
Putting used paper back into a laser printer is not a good idea as the paper threads curl in one direction when they first pass through the printer and are heated by the fuser. Also the humidity of the paper will cause it to create excessive vapour with will also lead to a jam. I don’t suppose there were were many laser printers around during the war and I’m sure that, in any case, they would have been exempt from paper usage regulations and restrictions on account of their proclivity to jam.
Having spent the best part of 45 minutes filling in a form on my iPad, you will be delighted to learn that the software crashed just as I was about to finish so I lost all of the information I had just entered. I am saying this just in case you think that technology only misbehaves for you.


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