So much for the rain

It rained again just now – a short downpour. And it has been cloudy all day and somewhat cooler first thing in the morning. George has declared it winter and put on long trousers, however I feel that is a bit overkill.

You mention luxury flats on both sides of the river. Where are these flats in relation to the Railway Land? Turn my back on the place for a year and people go around demolishing things and building luxury flats. Whatever next?

I met some interesting Germans whilst out walking the dogs yesterday evening. They were saying that the felt that downtown Paleochora had lost its charm for them and was too crowded and busy. I suggested they might like to move to Kountoura where the most exciting thing of the day is the bus arriving. We also met some interesting Swiss who had just arrived for a four day stay in the annex where Tony and Ursula were staying. We had quite a long chat and I talked about the area and did my unofficial tourist information bit. The supermarket and the local restaurants should be paying me a commission.

During the recent downpour of rain, my weather station didn’t register any precipitation and I was sure that there was some as I was out in it getting wet. I checked the rain funnel to discover that it was blocked with bird poo and was filled up with water. I removed the water and poured it into the gauge so that there was some sort of a recording. It shows 3.2mm which is more than there was. Still, never mind. There is a large pigeon that delights in sitting at the top of the telegraph pole onto which the weather station, excluding the anemometer, is affixed. It would appear that this bird is using my rain gauge for target practice. The cheek of it! I cannot erect a poo deflector as this would also deflect the rain rendering the readings useless. I could get a shotgun and terminate the bird, but that is not very friendly. Perhaps a notice posted at the top of the pole saying no pooing here?

I still have at least one rodent. I put some small pieces of bread at the top of the entry ramp to entice the little devil into the trap hoping that his/her weight would cause him/her to trigger the door and lower him/her into the trap. The bread was gone however there was no mouse in the trap. Anyway, Luis is in here now so he will pounce if the little darling shows its face.

Luis declined to run to the supermarket earlier and didn’t make any fuss when I just took Fido. He had an energetic time running after the ball this morning so he may have been worn out.

The sun is out and it is quite warm now but there are still plenty of clouds so anything could happen…



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