Small mouse

A very small mouse was in my trap last night and had to stay there until this morning before being released at the end of the promontory where I am building a mouse sanctuary. There is still another mouse somewhere so I cleaned and rebated the trap. Chocolate flavoured biscuits seem to do the trick as that is what they like to try to eat if given the opportunity.

Colder and a tiny bit damp first thing with just a few drops of very light rain.

Luis deserted us on the walk ending up on the beach with the strays which have been on the camping for several weeks. I caught up with them all on the beach once I’d fed the others and sorted them out. One of the strays is a young Rottie-mix bitch – very cute but I have enough dogs! Extracted Luis and left with the strays following at a discrete distance.
Fido and I went to the supermarket as Luis was tired following his excitement on the beach with the others.
I managed to buy coffee beans at the supermarket but the tomatoes were HORRID! Apparently, in the land of plentiful tomatoes and loads of greenhouses, there are no decent tomatoes to be found. I’ve not been impressed with the quality recently seeing as we should have the best tomatoes in Greece here. The coffee beans make nice Greek coffee.
I had an email from Ursula and Tony yesterday afternoon. It seems that they are missing the excitement of Grammeno, the night life and evening cocktail parties. They say they might return to the area but probably the apartments rather than the camping. Some people cannot keep away!


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