Puppy pix

They are now one day old and all seem to be doing well. The carrier box which was to take her to the vet tomorrow morning arrived and is in reception. Maria forgot to mention this to me and I only found it when she left me the key at her departure. Sophie, who has the room where the puppies were born, is going into Paleochora later to see Ziggi, who is part of Paws, to make sure no one comes tomorrow to take her to the vet.… Read the rest

The eagle has landed!

Our little mother-to-be is no longer a mother-to-be as she was in the throws of giving birth to her little ones on a rug in the room of one of the guests.

She now has seven puppies and it looks like she has finished.
I have just been up to the room to see the mother who is still on the mat under the bed in the guest’s room.
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Very windy now

As I sat on my lounger enjoying the late afternoon sun, the wind got up all of a sudden. It is now gusting to 61km/h (41mph). The van is shaking but Boris is still preferring to be in his open plastic bed outside rather than his igloo. The Small Dogs immediately came inside with me and have settled down together.… Read the rest

Sunny and warm but still a bit windy

I’m sure Maria said she would come back to the camping on Saturday but she may have meant next Saturday.

Following a quiet day yesterday I had a call from her to say that someone was waiting at reception: a father and his son. Unlike the previous Father/son combination, they were determined to camp and were uninterested in the ‘Wooden Tents’ (the small Toblerones).
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What is a ‘subject’?

Consider the subject to be the topic if you will. That is not to be confused with a chocolate bar containing ‘a hazelnut in every bite’.

The benefit of the ‘subject’ line is when searching for a particular email from a person from whom you receive lots of mail.
The Kountoura branch of Vlisidis Supermarket is having its last Sunday opening until the 2016 season.
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Rain again

So far we have had 36.8mm of the forecast 24mm of rain and everything is extremely wet and soggy. Added to that, I have loads of washing that needs doing and I have two drippy bits of roof light rather than one. The good news it that Boris and Dave are only a bit soggy and I hung out their blankets during a sunny interval.… Read the rest


I have just ordered a Henry vacuum cleaner together with 10 extra bags to be delivered to the Vlisidis supermarket in Kountoura. How I am to transport it back to the camping is another matter however they will probably put it on the van when it’s going to the Paleochora branch as it’s on the way.… Read the rest

Lots of rain

There was rain here yesterday, all 26.2mm of it, as I may have mentioned. There is likely to be more rain later with the added delight of some thunder for the benefit of Boris. More rain is forecast for tomorrow with another dose of thunder.

Boris didn’t join us for a walk this morning, however, Luis was delighted as it meant that he was not performing vicarious ball chasing with Boris supervising.… Read the rest

It’s raining!

It said it would, so it’s hardly surprising. Something like 8mm for the rest of the day and a bit more tomorrow. The black clouds have been milling around for ages so we knew it was imminent.

This morning I went to the supermarket for the first time in a while. For the last week or so I’ve not gone there for bread in the morning as I have been opening reception at 08:30 and then we have been going out to the restaurant to eat in the evenings.
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Just for a chat

We are having clouds today with the possibility of rain and thunder later. I was having this discussion with a young Dutch boy staying, with his family on the camping. In fact we have three generations of the same family here: the grandparents in their camper, their children and grandchildren in one of the vans and a tent.… Read the rest

Still dining out

But last night it was with Dennis and Carol, the British couple, who are staying here at the moment. I was doing my evening reception shift and Dennis and Carol offered me some food as they’d cooked up more than they could eat. They have been borrowing my saucepan and washing bucket so this was my payment.… Read the rest

Last supper

Last night we dined for the last time at Grameno Restaurant. I had the Grameno vegetarian special of the evening and helped Tony with his Moussakas as he couldn’t quite manage it all.

Earlier in the day they packed up their tent and left to go off to a hotel for the night as they didn’t want to be packing up and then leaving straight for the ferry.
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Another quick ammendment

It’s certainly getting near the season end. The nice French guy who helped yesterday left this evening, the English couple in the Motorhome leave tomorrow as does the Swiss family in the third static van T3. Tony and Ursula leave on Sunday to stay the night in a hotel before leaving for Athens by ferry on Monday.… Read the rest


I can see six unread messages from me in your inbox: three in the last 24hrs or so and three older ones. The last message I sent was at 13:17 so i have little to add since then other than I am likely to fall asleep in my comfortable chair in the reception office.

Fortunately, the sun is still shining, it is around 28C and the grey clouds appear to be going elsewhere.
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Quick ammendment

The French couple with the little girl actually have a little boy unless my understanding of biology is incorrect. Hopefully I didn’t make any blunders last night but, having been to the beach to talk to someone else, it is very evident that there ‘daughter’ is in fact their son.

I am sitting at my reception office desk with Luis snoring loudly with Fido next to him as well as the mother-to-be little Rott-based dog asleep on the other side of my chair.
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Rushed day

Yesterday got busier and busier. A man and his wife came to look around the camping, however, they didn’t come back later so must have decided to go elsewhere.

Later, a French couple arrived with a little girl and they wanted to have either a cabin or a static. Neither were ready as they both needed cleaning.
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Good birthday bash?

I hope you had a good birthday bash. I should imagine it was a night of wild excitement continuing until the early hours.

I went out to Grameno Restaurant with Tony and Ursula last night and consumed one of the biggest Cretan salads I’ve seen for a long time. At the end of the evening, the proprietor came to our table as we were one of the few remaining customers and joined us in a little raki.
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First day at my new job

I was up and getting my latest mouse ready at 07:00, taking the dogs for their walk and adding to the mouse sanctuary. I’ve just been back to the van to find yet another mouse waiting in the trap. Fortunately I have several traps now so can move them around when one is occupied.

Having mopped up a flood in the kitchen I opened the office just after 08:30 and have dealt with my first customer, a German woman, who was in one of the wooden cabins for a night before moving on to her next location.
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Meeting with Georgia and Maria

Yesterday afternoon, following our conversation, I went to assist Tony and Ursula with their tent as I knew that they might have a greater chance of poor weather than when they were here last time and wind was forecast. After dealing with the tent I took out the dogs and we went for a very nice meal in a local restaurant in recognition of my efforts at tent pitching.
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So far, in a period of less than 24 hours, I have five mice on the scoreboard. Two released at the other end of the camping last night, two released at my mouse sanctuary at the end of the promontory and either one or two in the trap as I write. I think there is one inside and one outside so I am waiting for the outside one to become an inside one.… Read the rest

The social life of an expat I

Indeed I would expect nothing less than a full and detailed rundown of the weather and of the occupancy of Costa. My day would be incomplete without.

Rest assured that the mating conversation was more miss than hit as it is a matter of matching up the words which I do know to hopefully provide the intended meaning of the speaker.
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The social life of an expat

One continuous round of drinks and excitement! Having visited the supermarket earlier, Fido and I decided to go a little further to visit Ursula and Tony in their present accommodation at Viena Rooms and Apartments –  very Grand. ‘Viena’ is deliberately with only one ‘n’ as that’s what it says on the sign. Viena R&A are further on from the supermarket, nestled in downtown Koundoura, so even more frightening than downtown Paleochora.… Read the rest


I think you should keep doing it for as long as you can. As Poirot correctly points out, the Little Grey Cells require exercise.

Just as I started to write this, I was disturbed by dogs barking so I went outside to find that Ursula and Tony had arrived to continue the tradition of Cocktails. Fortunately they had their chairs in the car as I only have one suitable seat for anyone except the most agile.
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They are getting so brave now that they actually sit near me whilst I am working on my laptop!

One almost got into my homemade plastic bottle rodent trap baited with dark chocolate biscuit – the favourite! Unfortunately, I was too keen, not letting it get into the lower part of the trap before intervening. You might see pictures of the homemade traps as I have recently uploaded.
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Chilly here too

Don’t worry, it’s not very warm here either. I’m wearing a hooded fleece and the van door is shut: this is only 2 October so I trust it is not a sign of things to come.

Sheffield Park is a wonderful place and I believe there is also some sort of a heritage steam railway nearby.
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Congratulations on reaching October!

We made it to October, me slightly before you by some two hours, at 00:00:01 this morning.

It is sunny and bright but has been very windy since yesterday evening. In fact I decided to go to the inside shower as it was cool and windy without. Such a long time has passed since I used the inside shower that I was even unaware that the shower mixer and shower head in the shower room have been replaced.
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