Congratulations on reaching October!

We made it to October, me slightly before you by some two hours, at 00:00:01 this morning.

It is sunny and bright but has been very windy since yesterday evening. In fact I decided to go to the inside shower as it was cool and windy without. Such a long time has passed since I used the inside shower that I was even unaware that the shower mixer and shower head in the shower room have been replaced. Needless to say, the wall bracket which holds the shower head in position is not the correct one for the shower head, so it more or less points where it likes. The excitement of all this new equipment was overwhelming and I had to have a long sit down afterwards.
The wind got stronger in the night causing the awning, which I’d decided not to take down, to flap about considerably. I had considered the possibility of tightening the fabric earlier in the evening but the urge to do it waned quickly. Seeing as autumn is pretty much upon us, I might just take down the awning and be done with it for now.
The swallows have departed with a following northerly wind and I have not seen many other migratory birds doing their commute.
Both Luis and Fido did a runner when I let them off this morning so I returned with Dave and Boris before going to find them. They were not on the beach nor were they playing with the strays on the camping who were pleased to see me for a bit of fuss. They have fewer people to fuss/feed them now and needs must when the devil drives. Slightly later, hearing a barrage of barking from Georgia’s dogs, I wandered into the centre of the camping to find Luis and Fido playing with the two strays. They both then accompanied me to the supermarket where I am able to report, there was a plentiful supply of reasonably decent, if not a bit unripe, tomatoes.
Despite removing two mice recently, I think I still have at least two more but am embarking on an anti-mouse campaign by moving everything around constantly and leaving the locker doors open. It’s getting more chilly outside at nights so the little blighters prefer to invade my space and take my food!

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