They are getting so brave now that they actually sit near me whilst I am working on my laptop!

One almost got into my homemade plastic bottle rodent trap baited with dark chocolate biscuit – the favourite! Unfortunately, I was too keen, not letting it get into the lower part of the trap before intervening. You might see pictures of the homemade traps as I have recently uploaded.
There are some more pictures since yesterday which can be accessed by means of the ‘CJ’s pictures’ shortcut on the computer desktop. I have not uploaded all of the same pictures to the Apple share.
Following a couple of colder days, it has got warmer again with a high of 30C today. It was very pleasant to sit outside and bask in the sun for a while. I did drop off at one point having been disturbed during the night by barking dogs. Not mine but the strays and the ones from the camping. I needed a warm top this morning whilst out walking but took it, and my shirt off once the sun got going.
A small rodent has just appeared from under the heater, wandered along to the dogs’ water bowl for a drink before scuttling back to the shelter of the heater. It has now reemerged in the cupboard under the sink having run through the lockers. Talk about make yourself at home!

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