The social life of an expat I

Indeed I would expect nothing less than a full and detailed rundown of the weather and of the occupancy of Costa. My day would be incomplete without.

Rest assured that the mating conversation was more miss than hit as it is a matter of matching up the words which I do know to hopefully provide the intended meaning of the speaker. In fact, I completely misunderstood and was trying to explain that she would need to be careful for two weeks if she is to avoid unnecessary pregnancy. When in fact she wanted to know the optimum time for mating to accomplish pregnancy. In a few weeks I will, no doubt, be barraged with lively photos of little Rottweiler puppies gambling about whenever I visit the supermarket.
‘Cocktails’ in this case, consist of a glass of wine, some nibblies and a chat. I should imagine it brightens up their day a little to be able to share with someone else especially as Tony does not appear to be much of a conversationalist. No Gin Slings or glasses with little umbrellas here, just an assortment of different sized glasses and some Cretan wine.


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