The social life of an expat

One continuous round of drinks and excitement! Having visited the supermarket earlier, Fido and I decided to go a little further to visit Ursula and Tony in their present accommodation at Viena Rooms and Apartments –  very Grand. ‘Viena’ is deliberately with only one ‘n’ as that’s what it says on the sign. Viena R&A are further on from the supermarket, nestled in downtown Koundoura, so even more frightening than downtown Paleochora. The usual thing, drug dealers on every corner (goats grazing in the scrub) and the sound of police sirens day and night (waves on the rocks). At Viena they have a nice pool as well as a dining room where they can enjoy their comprehensive inclusive breakfast, as well, perhaps, as other meals. The gardens are nice with a green lawn and lots of shade and loungers. The sea is not far away but probably stony at that point. They had considered one of the statics at Grammeno but that would have been more expensive without the inclusive breakfast. Ursula is a Big Girl and enjoys her food very much, however even she said she wasn’t in a rush for another meal. Fido guarded my bike from the goats as I drank coffee in their room.

We are meeting up later at Grammeno for cocktails so I decided to drop by the supermarket on the return journey to buy some ‘communion wafers’ which are little savoury biscuits which resemble the aforementioned wafers. Whilst at the supermarket I encountered Nice Lady from Georgia, who was not working and only there to buy groceries for herself. She told me that Rosie, her Rottweiler is in season and she wishes to mate her. So we had an involved conversation about this all in Greek. I understood that she didn’t want her to get pregnant first off then she started again and I got the message that she was trying to mate her with another Rott from Kandanos and wanted to know the optimal time to go for this. Me being the great dog expert, Dog Whisperer II of Grammeno, that I am, I was happy to advise. Sadly I did not receive the same fee as would be expected from Cesar Milan.


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