Meeting with Georgia and Maria

Yesterday afternoon, following our conversation, I went to assist Tony and Ursula with their tent as I knew that they might have a greater chance of poor weather than when they were here last time and wind was forecast. After dealing with the tent I took out the dogs and we went for a very nice meal in a local restaurant in recognition of my efforts at tent pitching. I then retired to my boudoir.
The weather has been a bit variable today and we had a few drops of rain whilst out this morning so I rushed back in case it came down harder as the vent above my bed was open and I didn’t fancy a water bed. Fortunately there were no mice to release this morning, however, there is rather a bedraggled one in the trap now. He will have to wait until the morning walk for release.
The rest of the day has been spent working on a script to successfully run backup and I tend to get lost in time when trying to write scripts as it doesn’t come easily to me. This afternoon I received a text from Georgia inviting me for a chat. Knowing how long their chats can go on I said I wanted to walk my dogs first so would come a little later.
When I arrived in the bar, Georgia there and she told me about her operation whilst we waited for Maria to arrive. Apparently, there is some cancer however they are awaiting specialists’ reports before deciding on the next course of treatment. Certainly, Georgia has lost weight and has little energy so Maria is in charge of her daily requirements pretty much full time at this stage with Georgia being very dependent on her help. Furthermore, Georgia is advised not to stay at the camping, where there are animals and dust, so she has to remain in Chania unless attending for appointments in Athens. Apparently, any further treatment will take place in Athens and Maria will probably accompany Georgia. Added to that, George left yesterday, so there is no one around to deal with reception or daily camping maintenance. Marcus is now in charge of the bar: he was barman in the summer of 2013 just before I arrived. So your new receptionist is… me, assisted until the end of October by Marcus, when he will probably disappear in the direction of Athens as he did last year.
I will probably relocate to the office in the mornings to deal with any arrivals or departures, taking my laptop and the Small Dogs with me. I will obviously keep an eye and an ear out during the rest of the day and circulate in the camping a little more than I normally would. As is the way here, the handover was somewhat skimpy, so I’m going to have to work stuff out as I go along. But my time at La Taillade, a much larger and busier camping in the height of the season was a lot harder than it will be here seeing as there are far fewer people and the season is almost over. Still, I’m sure we’ll manage and we’ll develop a routine before long.
So there you have it…

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