First day at my new job

I was up and getting my latest mouse ready at 07:00, taking the dogs for their walk and adding to the mouse sanctuary. I’ve just been back to the van to find yet another mouse waiting in the trap. Fortunately I have several traps now so can move them around when one is occupied.

Having mopped up a flood in the kitchen I opened the office just after 08:30 and have dealt with my first customer, a German woman, who was in one of the wooden cabins for a night before moving on to her next location. I’ve also discovered that there is an English couple in the room next to reception and he plans to be here over the winter. He has returned from a trip to Gavdos and is looking for work. I might get him to give me a price for my decking and fence. The problems is that he has no transport so unable to get materials. He’s a young chap of 57 but looks much younger.
There was a problem at EG so I’ve got my laptop out in the office and have sorted that out. Another good thing is that I now have the password for the WiFi as well as for the Grammeno router. This is great as it gives me the opportunity to program the router to my advantage, however, no one knows that I have the password!
My first job of the morning was to fix the printer which sounds as though it’s on its last legs. I scanned the price list which I took down from the wall, as I felt it might be a good idea if I knew the prices a bit. The dogs are a bit stressed as I am not there but I’ll bring up the Small Dogs tomorrow leaving Dave and Boris to sleep in the sun.
I also have a loo roll on the corner of my desk which is destined for the gentleman’s facilities and a remote for the air conditioner in the next room as the customer is unable to turn it off.
The saga continues…

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