Good birthday bash?

I hope you had a good birthday bash. I should imagine it was a night of wild excitement continuing until the early hours.

I went out to Grameno Restaurant with Tony and Ursula last night and consumed one of the biggest Cretan salads I’ve seen for a long time. At the end of the evening, the proprietor came to our table as we were one of the few remaining customers and joined us in a little raki. We had an interesting conversation about the restaurant, the good times in Crete, when there was plenty of money, the bad times and now the fact that things are starting to look up so he says. He went to school with Georgia and was aware of her present difficulties. He was unaware that I live at the camping and commented that it must be great in winter.
Earlier I discovered that a little furry visitor had removed the piece of chocolate biscuit from one of my traps without being captured. I now know that the mechanism is quite delicate and may not release unless the trap is completely clean. There was one there this morning and another when I got back from disposing of the previous one. There may even be a further one there now as I’ve not been back recently. Dave and Boris were sleeping silently when I went back to get a towel for the knee of a small boy who had been bitten by an insect and whose leg has swollen up. I suggested that his mummy might wish to take him to the chemist in Paleochora and to the doctor if it still is causing problems.  He is a bit susceptible to insect bites apparently. He had been playing on the ground whilst his mummy and sibling had been looking at pictures of Small Dogs on my phone.
A guy call Spiros appeared with a refrigerated truck to take away an ice cream display unit from the bar which needed to be shifted and lifted onto the rear of the vehicle. There was no way we would manage it on our own however the Frenchman who arrived with his wife and caravan yesterday was helpful as well as providing some lifting straps which made the entire job easier. I was talking to Spiros in Greek and Damien in French so didn’t know which way was up after a while!
It’s gone all cloudy now so it’s a bit cooler. There are a couple of Small Dogs laying asleep on the tiled floor by the desk.


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