Rushed day

Yesterday got busier and busier. A man and his wife came to look around the camping, however, they didn’t come back later so must have decided to go elsewhere.

Later, a French couple arrived with a little girl and they wanted to have either a cabin or a static. Neither were ready as they both needed cleaning. However, I called Maria and she got the cleaner in so between us we got one of the new wooden cabins ready for them. Seemingly the little girl chose the cabin. Unfortunately, it was the cabin nearest to Georgia’s dogs which were barking from just after 06:00. That was triggered by Luis who saw something in our area so Boris joined in and then the entire neighbourhood. After reading the news, I got up and took them for their walk. I wanted to get to the reception on time as the cleaning lady said she would be here at 08:30 – it’s now 09:17 and she doesn’t appear to be here. I know that if I go off to make a cup of coffee, she is bound to appear.
The French couple finally arrived with their little girl and I settled them in. I’d had time to take the dogs and two mice for a walk although the mice didn’t come back with us and I managed not to let Luis eat any of them. In fact, during the journey out, one mouse escaped from his trap and went into the other trap. I knew this due to the frantic squeaking from the other mouse! I need to clean the traps and reset them and I found another mouse in the Tin Cat when I came back from the morning walk.
Last night I went with Ursula and Tony to Paleochora which seemed to be quite busy although we managed to get a table in a pizzeria. We bumped into the Swiss family with the small boy with the bite. We inspected the bite and it seemed ok although the knee was still swollen. They’d been to the pharmacist as they showed me the cream they had bought. The boy seemed fine as he was stuffing his face with pizza when I looked over to their table. They all waved when we left having consumed a very nice pizza which I just managed to eat! Tony didn’t get to the end of a huge plate of tagliatelle so I got a doggy bag from the car to take it back for the dogs.
I’m sitting in the office with the Small Dogs who are looking attentively out of the door to see if they can spot any of the strays. The little stray Rott-based dog is definitely pregnant, getting bigger by the day. I have emailed Heike at Paws in Paleochora to see if she will be able to take her.
I’m going to make coffee and leave my vicious guard dogs in charge…


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