Last supper

Last night we dined for the last time at Grameno Restaurant. I had the Grameno vegetarian special of the evening and helped Tony with his Moussakas as he couldn’t quite manage it all.

Earlier in the day they packed up their tent and left to go off to a hotel for the night as they didn’t want to be packing up and then leaving straight for the ferry. They are coming back to Grammeno to pay the bill and to hopefully bring me the package from the post office which couldn’t be delivered on Friday – the only day I was in reception until 10:00.
Maria was in the camping from Saturday night until Sunday evening so I was able to catch up with some other stuff. She left yesterday evening and went back to Chania but says she will be back tomorrow. I’m not really sure why as there are not many people on the camping and it may rain. In fact, there are rain and thunder storms forecast for much of the week which is about right as Erica and Janne are coming for a week from Saturday. I said they would be back in October but Erica said it would not be possible.
Tony and Ursula have been to pay and have now left for Chania and the 21:00 ferry. They will arrive in Athens tomorrow morning early where they will stay with Tony’s sister just outside the city. They are then going to Patras to catch the Ancona ferry before returning to France where they have a house. Tony plans to stay in France for a couple of weeks but Ursula wants to get back to her grandchildren.
I went with Dennis, the English guy living here at present, to the garden across the road and managed to acquire a half dozen figs which I have eaten. Together with the cheese pie brought by Ursula, that will keep me going until tea time, however, I will need to go shopping as I will not be dining out again for a while although I suggested to Erica and Janne that we might go to Grameno as it is their last weekend before they close for winter.


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