Just for a chat

We are having clouds today with the possibility of rain and thunder later. I was having this discussion with a young Dutch boy staying, with his family on the camping. In fact we have three generations of the same family here: the grandparents in their camper, their children and grandchildren in one of the vans and a tent.

The sky is beginning to look very threatening.
The shower waste in T2 is blocked so I need to go there with a plunger to unblock it. There is also no gas in the kitchen but, as I don’t have the keys to the store, I cannot change it. I also cannot change the rubbish bags or get more toilet paper.
I’m glad Matthew, the ‘lad’, who will soon be 50, was able to remove the blockage in the down pipe: hopefully, the wall will now dry out a little. He will probably not accept payment from you are he and I have an arrangement whereby I do stuff for him in exchange for him doing things for me. His wife is now in UK so I feel the balance is still in my favour.


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