Still dining out

But last night it was with Dennis and Carol, the British couple, who are staying here at the moment. I was doing my evening reception shift and Dennis and Carol offered me some food as they’d cooked up more than they could eat. They have been borrowing my saucepan and washing bucket so this was my payment. I was chatting with Dennis until a few drops of rain started to fall and I remembered the roof on the van was open so we scurried off in our various directions.

A French couple left today at the end of their three night stay. They were here last year and like to canoe on the sea. They are returning to France in a few days time. A guy on an Austrian passport has just arrived with his son who has a French passport. All very complicated. The son appears to have been born in Vienna. They have taken one of the little cabins although the boy will put up his tent outside as well. I warned them it might rain in the next few days.


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