It’s raining!

It said it would, so it’s hardly surprising. Something like 8mm for the rest of the day and a bit more tomorrow. The black clouds have been milling around for ages so we knew it was imminent.

This morning I went to the supermarket for the first time in a while. For the last week or so I’ve not gone there for bread in the morning as I have been opening reception at 08:30 and then we have been going out to the restaurant to eat in the evenings. Unlike some, I don’t need to eat in the middle of the day or very much in the morning when I’ve had a big meal the night before. 
I took Luis and Fido with me and had just pulled up outside the supermarket when the owner, Dimitris, came rushing out to ask me where I’d been. They thought I’d left, having not seen me for a week. Apparently, he has a problem with the electric scales in the Paleochora store: something to do with the network cable. I did my shopping and said I would be back at 11:00 with my tools so that he could take me to the store and show me the problem. I fixed the cable and then he asked me about the Internet as he said it didn’t work. We tried a few things but he had to get back to Kountoura so we left it for another day. When we got as far as the camping, I asked him to stop off so that I could dump my tools to save bringing them back on the bike from the supermarket. Arriving at the supermarket he asked me how much he owed me and I said I didn’t want any money but a favour instead. I said I wanted to get my deliveries taken to the supermarket and not the camping so that I could collect them from there rather than go to the bother of riding all the way to the post office in Paleochora each time I got a parcel. The office in the camping is rarely open and I don’t fancy spending half the day sitting in the office waiting for a parcel which may never come. He gave me €20 anyway but I am more interested in him as a reference as he knows everyone for miles. Not that I am really looking for work anyway as I already have enough.
There is the small of Small Wet Dog permeating the atmosphere since they were both tied up with Dave when I got back. They fool about together and then get tangled up meaning that none of them can get back to their house and out of the rain. Fortunately, I was back just as it was starting, so able to untie them and get Fido and Dave inside. Luis decided to go under the van but as the rain was getting quite hard, he changed his mind and wished to come in. By this time he had tied himself around one of the concrete blocks supporting the van and keeping it level, so I had to go out in the rain to get him. The upshot is that both he and I got wet and my shirt is now hanging over the dog gate by the door drying. Naturally, the van floor is covered in doggy footprints and plenty of sand. I must sort out the decking and move the van into the winter position as I cannot stand another winter of sand and water. There is still a small leak around the large roof vent which only seems to leak when there is heavy rain. I have a greater incentive to investigate the cause of that now since there is going to be more rain from now on. The coffee tin is catching the drips well and there is little splashing since it has tall sides. It is however, only a matter of time until one of the dogs knows over the tin…


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