I have just ordered a Henry vacuum cleaner together with 10 extra bags to be delivered to the Vlisidis supermarket in Kountoura. How I am to transport it back to the camping is another matter however they will probably put it on the van when it’s going to the Paleochora branch as it’s on the way.

So far we have had 26mm of the 8mm forecast so we are still inside and the drops are still falling into the coffee tin. The Small Dogs have abandoned the idea of going outside so have fallen asleep in a heap at my feet.
It will be terribly exciting once I get my new vacuum as I will be able to clean all of my upholstery and get rid of all the pet hairs as well as get into all those difficult to reach places where rodents have left little deposits. I wil also be able to remove all of the spiders and vacuum my decking once I have built it.


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