Lots of rain

There was rain here yesterday, all 26.2mm of it, as I may have mentioned. There is likely to be more rain later with the added delight of some thunder for the benefit of Boris. More rain is forecast for tomorrow with another dose of thunder.

Boris didn’t join us for a walk this morning, however, Luis was delighted as it meant that he was not performing vicarious ball chasing with Boris supervising. Sometimes Boris’ supervision can become quite intrusive. Luis ran himself ragged so is lying in a heap at the entrance of the van. He cannot come any further since his line is tangled up with the other Small Idiot who is worse off as he is lying on the wet mat outside.

Maria accosted me on my way to the rubbish bins as she needed to read the electric meter in the room they are about to let out. Why she can’t read it herself, I have no idea. Perhaps she just wants me to feel part of a team. She announced that she might be going around 18:00 which puts me back in charge again, probably at the point where everyone leaves to go home. Hopefully, she will return on Saturday as it’s a bit of a drag having to work around being in the office. I think everyone will disappear within the next week or so leaving me in solitude once Janne and Erica go back to Sweden.

Both Idiots have now managed to untangle themselves so are lying in the van.

There was a little sun earlier, however, I fear that will not last for long if the forecast is to be believed.


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