Rain again

So far we have had 36.8mm of the forecast 24mm of rain and everything is extremely wet and soggy. Added to that, I have loads of washing that needs doing and I have two drippy bits of roof light rather than one. The good news it that Boris and Dave are only a bit soggy and I hung out their blankets during a sunny interval.

Returning from our walk this morning, I could see that the sea would soon engulf the loungers on the beach so I dragged some up there and then and went back later with the Small Dogs to drag up the others. Fortunately, I did, as the sea has now come in further than where they were and they might otherwise have been dragged off to end up in Alexandria or Benghazi. There was also a Pedal-eau but that was full of water, so too heavy to move. The loungers were not only from the camping as I brought up the ones from the Villas too. I’ve been using their Internet for over a year so I can afford to be generous. All the villas are unoccupied and there is only Marco and I on the camping together with Dennis and Carol as well as a couple of Albanians up at reception.
Water has run through the camping and there are some large lakes lower down near the beach as well as the usual ones at the back of the storeroom. I had missed having to negotiate the vast puddles to get to the sinks and the loos. I should imagine Marco’s tent is inundated however he can use the caravan if he feels so inclined. Maria went off a while ago, so at least I have all the keys to the camping again so I may slip in and use the washing machine in order to deplete the piles of clothing laying everywhere in the van.
I’ve taken down the inner trim to the large roof light in order to ascertain the location of the drips but I think I may just point around the edge of it rather then try to take it up to reseal it. I suspect this problem is due to the unevenness of the roof and the heat of the sun causing the mastic to shrink in a couple of places. Water only comes in during torrential rain however it was all fine last winter and I used enough mastic for two roof lights.
Further joy as the power keeps going up and down so the Internet keeps resetting and going off. I think I’m going to send this whilst I can…
I sent a mail earlier with the subject Rain Again, which should be sitting in your inbox.

The sun is now shining, the flies are driving us all mad and the sea is extremely vocal and crashing onto the beach.

I am in charge of the camping although there are no actual campers as such however some English on a swimming activity came to the camping in search of sustenance so I directed them to the supermarket.

I’m cleaning and tidying.


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