What is a ‘subject’?

Consider the subject to be the topic if you will. That is not to be confused with a chocolate bar containing ‘a hazelnut in every bite’.

The benefit of the ‘subject’ line is when searching for a particular email from a person from whom you receive lots of mail.
The Kountoura branch of Vlisidis Supermarket is having its last Sunday opening until the 2016 season. I will have to remember to buy more bread next Saturday or ride into Paleochora to visit the baker there. I’d probably consume as much energy going to Paleochora and back as I would gain from eating the bread. Neutral situation – perhaps a good solution.
The night was very windy the olive branches were rubbing on the outside of the van and the van was moving a lot in the wind. I did not have a very good night’s sleep as a result. I may need to consider a little nap.
I have checked the electricity meter in the store room which shows that I have consumed 2270 KWh of electricity in two years which works out at about 22€ per month. That should go down now that I have a better fridge. Georgia has never charged me for electricity in the whole time I have been here.
Janne and Erica arrived last night but I was in bed asleep and couldn’t be bothered to look at the time. It was very windy so it must have been a pleasure getting their stuff out of the car. I spoke to them earlier and they gave me a sonic mouse and rat deterrent device which they brought from Sweden. I am uncertain whether it only deters Swedish mice however the instructions are in a number of languages so possibly it works for all mice. So far it appears to be working flawlessly as I have not seen a single mouse since I switched it on. I might also mention that I have neither seen, nor heard a mouse for the past two days, however, that may or may not be relevant.
I commented that Erica looked far more relaxed than on virtually any occasion that she has visited the camping in the past. She usually comes directly from school so has been stressed. She said that she has not been in school since September as she has had two heart attacks so is unable to work. From what she was telling me in the summer, this is not much of a hardship as she didn’t get on very well with the woman she worked with anyway.
I passed by the Grameno Restaurant on my way to the supermarket as I wanted to see if it would be open this evening. The proprietor, Manolis, was preparing for lunch and was pleased to tell me that he would be open tonight and that this would probably be the last night of the season. I knew that Janne wanted to take Erica there this time last year but the restaurant was closed when they went. I suggested that we might go together this evening so that we could spend some time exchanging information about heart attacks, the state of Georgia’s health and generally catching up. At least I won’t have to worry about the Small Dogs disturbing the neighbours during my absence as they’ll be with me!
There is the sound of a distant voice calling my outside. I think it is from my lounger calling out to me to lay out in the sun and fall asleep. Perhaps I will go out and oblige…


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