Very windy now

As I sat on my lounger enjoying the late afternoon sun, the wind got up all of a sudden. It is now gusting to 61km/h (41mph). The van is shaking but Boris is still preferring to be in his open plastic bed outside rather than his igloo. The Small Dogs immediately came inside with me and have settled down together.

Since yesterday’s excitements with dog bites and washing, today has been quite calm. The Small Dogs and I enjoyed a calm morning in the office accompanied by dog-with-no-name-who-is-quite-large.
I had a bit of a chat with Janne, who is doing some work on his van due to the efforts of the mice during their absence. The rodents have concentrated their efforts on the flexible plastic waste pipe from the sinks and basin. Erica was wondering why her feet were getting wet when she ran water from the sink. Janne is pleased to have something to do: as you know, he doesn’t do sitting still very well. We are going to have a conversation about things I can do temporarily on my side of the fence to avoid having to bother Georgia at this time. Something which can be easily removed if necessary.
The wind is so strong and cold that I have broken out the Winter Fleece although the weather is quite mild when the sun shines and the wind is calmer. The dogs have all gone scatty due to the wind and Luis was playfully attacking Dave earlier and both SDs were circling Boris and I as we battled for possession of a stick. Naturally, I didn’t allow Boris to control the stick as this is not good Pack Leader behaviour. We met a Dutch couple who live in Paleochora who commented on the lousy winter and the cooler summer. Apparently, they have only been back to Holland for one week this year.
Since I was in charge this morning, I turned on the electricity for the water to ensure that the customers have a warm shower. The sun has been out for much of the day so I plan to nip along before everyone grabs all of the hot water.
Maria came back this afternoon and asked for the key to the office as she wished to use the computer there. She seemed a little surprised when I handed all of the keys back to her. As far as I’m concerned, she’s in charge when she is here and I don’t do anything, so have no need of any keys.
Off to get a hot shower.


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