I understand it has been a little damp in UK today.

Warm and sunny again here although a lot cooler than yesterday’s record high.

As expected, Adonis arrived this morning to take down the decking in order to turn it through ninety degrees, adding some more strengthening to remove the springiness. Unfortunately the additional materials failed to arrive on time, so now I have even less decking than yesterday. Mr Polychronis assures us that the materials will arrive before the day is out so that the frame can hopefully be re-erected this evening when it’s cooler. Not wishing to count my chickens, but, assuming that, it could be finished by tomorrow evening. Or not, as the case may be. At least we now know how quickly it is possible to take down the decking should the need arise to fix the pipes which run underneath.

Wondering why men and boys submerge circular wire mesh baskets, stuffed with leaves, into the sea. I now know that Parrot fish love pumpkin leaves, enter the wire baskets, but are too stupid to swim out. Sometimes an octopus gets in to eat the Parrot fish so it’s possible to find a bonus, but less fish. Adonis likes fishing so we were discussing this whilst awaiting the non-arrival of the additional materials.

The increased temperature has caused Dave to construct a large ditch under one of the olive trees. He has been doing quite a bit of digging to the annoyance of me, Adonis, and the other dogs. I poured a large bucket of water into this ditch, making it delightfully moist and cool. He is now laying in it snoring gently. Strangely, he still insists on going into the storeroom at the end of the afternoon even though it is now warmer in there than outside. However, he has started going out for an evening walk with Boris. The Boris and Dave walks are becoming shorter now that it’s warmer. Out across the beach, then into the sea for a wallow before returning to the camping.

Dennis informs me that his work out east has come to an end, so he expects to return to Grammeno shortly. Unless some unmissable party should be announced, which may lure him into delaying his return. Mrs P and Pantelis were walking her dogs last night as I was returning with Dave and Boris in the gathering dusk. A momentous occasion. Dave has just staggered from his soggy ditch and flopped into his house.

Mr Lawrence informs me that his dog is terminally ill and not expected to live more than another couple of months. I suggested he might consider one of mine when looking for a replacement as, and when, the time comes. I’ll not hold my breath though.