Everyone’s leaving!

Manos came to see me earlier to tell me that Pantelis has left as well as the girl doing the bar. I understand that Pantelis no longer wished to be the manager so resigned, and the girl who helps with the bar apparently has sticky fingers. It looks as though Mrs P will either have to manage for herself or try to locate a new manager. I should imagine Manos could do the job without effort but he also was considering departing not so long ago. He tells me that Mrs P managed to talk him round and persuade him not to go.

Other news is less exciting. Another warm and sunny day with a top temperature of 30C. I have started the process of ordering my new awning and am awaiting a quotation from a Greek company to supply. Hopefully they will not tell me they want 300€ for delivery like the previous time.
The poo tank, which overflowed when the pump was blocked, and holds the poo whilst awaiting removal to the holding tank at the road, now has an alarm which sounds when the level rises above a certain height. It went off a couple of times during the weekend so there have been various bods with their heads in the hole trying to see why. Manos asked me if it were possible to have it call a mobile number rather than make an audible alarm since this would be more discrete and not disturb the punters. I suggested a simple and cheap domestic alarm system with a GSM autodialler which uses the mobile network to send a pre-recorded call to a list of numbers. The problem is that I will get lumbered with setting it all up so I’m not jumping with joy.
The dogs are getting fidgety as it’s getting near walk time. A couple of the puppies have found an escape route from their compound which takes them into the adjacent field where there may be sheep grazing. I think they think I don’t know what’s going on as those who go out believe they are sneaking back undetected. The others wander around like waiters in a restaurant, pretending to be busy. Incidentally, one thing about Pantelis leaving is that his dog is no longer occupying the former puppy compound. This has two benefits since it is now possible for me to go out of the main entrance of the camping without him barking the house down and also I now have options for the placement of dogs if the need arises. Every cloud…