Latest scandal

I walked the dogs on the east beach last night and we investigated the dried-up river bed before making our way back. Both times, we went via the front gate and road which saves running the gauntlet of Mrs P and Maria who insist on leaping up to cuddle Obi (AKA Paris) and the other Small Dogs. They don’t seem to understand that it’s quite difficult taking eight Small Dogs for a walk, consequently inane banter is quite low on my list of preferred activities.

This morning we encountered a yoga group having a session on the promontory main beach. Fortunately we met a guy connected with the activity who warned me in time. I walked them on the lead right to the end and came back via the road and main entrance. Mrs P is never on the beach side early mornings however they wanted to go the road way.

The English couple with their daughter did the Samaria Gorge yesterday so there was little activity near their tent when I went for a shower around 22:30 They said they came back, had a little to eat and then went to bed. They came to visit me for a chat and to sit on my decking. Unfortunately the chair I ordered from Germany yesterday has not yet arrived.

Manos asked me to tell Dennis there is work for him at the camping. I pointed out that I am not Dennis’ mother so cannot be accountable for his movements, but that I would pass on the message.
It would be quite hot if the wind wasn’t blowing as hard as it is. Winds speed is gusting to 48 km/h.