Following the sun

After one week and one day of having a decking and associated awning erected above it, I can see a definite need for some additional shading. I’ve noticed that the sun has a habit of moving in relation to the time of day. It appears to rise in the east (northern hemisphere) and set in the west.

In consequence, I spend my time moving my table and chair so that I am not sitting in the sun as it changes angle. Admittedly, in only a couple of weeks, it will have reached its zenith, so will begin to head once again southward. I’ve made enquiries to a couple more UK companies who supply the kit I am trying to buy in the hope that they will ship to Crete with reasonable cost. Hopefully, next week, I will be able to place an order to get the wheels in motion.
Whilst out walking with Boris last night, I noticed that he appears not to be worried about cars when walking by the main road. Now that there are more customers on the site, I am less enthusiastic about using the entrance to the beach. There are often others with dogs lurking near to the beach or in the bar area. Walking with eight dogs is already hard enough without having to contend with distractions such as other dogs. This morning Boris blotted his copybook by having a go at Dave when we were returning after our walk. Not once but twice. I was angry with him as it not only upset Dave but also the others. I have banished him to the compound by the entrance so that he can collect his thoughts and ponder about his delinquent ways. He might actually find it more interesting up there as there is a constant flow of passers-by from within the camping and also along the road. He might even come to prefer his own company and the freedom of the compound where he is able to roam without any annoying other dogs to get in his way.
The ‘puppies’ are adjusting to the increased activity within the camping so having to contend with the sounds of people talking loudly nearby and children shouting and wandering around. They are also being trained for the forthcoming arrival of Janne and Erica by people coming to the other side of the fence and to chalet 1 which is the closest.