Latest scandal from Grammeno

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday – they’re all the same to me as I do much the same each day.

The sea is a little louder today as the wind is from the east so blowing the waves into the shingle beach. Boris and I went for a walk there earlier and I threw sticks into the water for him so he had to brave the waves to rescue them. Fortunately for the sticks, Boris is a brave dog so they were rescued without incident.
Despite not being on punishment, Boris is again in the enclosure formally used to house puppies. He moaned and groaned a bit to begin with but now seems to be quietly enjoying his life. He seems to be having a bit of a problem with Dave at present so I feel it’s better for everyone if Boris spends his days in his own suite, at least for the time being.
My latest Chinese lantern turned up last week but Maria was too late to get to the postoffice on Friday so Manos kindly picked it up for me this morning on his way to work. It is another solar lamp with 25 LED modules embedded in a large, single reflector unit. It has a remote solar panel which can be left on the awning in full view of the sun as well as a remote control unit which enables the lamp to be turned on, off and dimmed from the comfort of ones chair. We will see how bright it is this evening.
Today is cloudy with a coolish easterly breeze. I have replaced the shirt I had removed earlier as it is too chilly without it. Dennis, following his exacting two days on the building site has taken himself off to the beach to enhance his tan. How much enhancing he will manage to do today remains to be seen.