There was rain

We had rain yesterday afternoon and evening. Only a few drops, but enough for me to move everything from the table. We didn’t have a lot of sun  due to the amount of cloud. And I may have forgotten to mention the wind this was quite strong but not excessive.

Since the few drops of rain last night, the abundance of flies we are currently enjoying appears to have become an overabundance. It could just be my imagination but they seem to be much more annoying than they were yesterday.
The Interesting English People with the daughter and the camper, appeared in the camping again yesterday, but without their daughter. I thought they had sold her into White Slavery however they said they’d taken her to the airport for her return to UK. They are actually leaving Crete tomorrow via the Kissamos ferry which will eventually deposit them back in the Peloponnese where they will spend a few days before returning to UK themselves. They too, are looking forward to UK weather and the Referendum. Suggesting that they might abandon if the vote is to leave.
Manos helped me to put up the green shading material around the north/west fences yesterday. It has not been completely fixed to the fence as I ran out of cable ties but it is fixed at the top. We covered the fence three times so now it is not possible to see into or out of my compound. I also noticed that it appeared to be quieter too as the material seemed to absorb some of the sounds.
Luis received a little present from Sigi in the form of another ten antibiotic tablets to help him to shake off the dermatitis which has been plaguing him for a couple of weeks. I thought it had gone away so I stopped treating it, but it came back so this time I intend making sure by giving him a ten day course of antibiotics. Unlike UK, where you need a prescription for virtually anything, here you simply go to the chemist and buy whatever you wish no questions asked. Manolis, Sigi’s husband brought the tablets as he was dropping off children for a party at the camping. He admired the decking as well as the new privacy screening.
In the evening, just as we left the camping, at the beginning of the walk, there came a man on a scooter with his dog trotting alongside him. My lot saw this dog and became suddenly very excited pulling on their leads. Unbeknown to me, one of the leads, which had Obi and Fido attached, was merely held by being twisted with the others and not actually in my grasp. Consequently, Obi and Fido broke free and thought it would be amusing to run after the dog which was dutifully trotting along with its owner. The owner, seeing this, decided that going faster might discourage them, so accelerated. Alas, both Obi and Fido are excellent runners so were undeterred by this tactic. Finally, he stopped his mount and started to walk back up the road where I was struggling with the other six who had decided to take it out on each other, so were fighting. He had Obi and Fido on their leads in one had and his own dog in the other. I broke up the fight and then attached them to the front fence of the camping before setting off down the road to reclaim Obi and Fido. The nice man handed them over smiling, whereupon I apologised for the inconvenience. He appeared more amused than inconvenienced and both parties headed off on their separate ways.Later, whilst out walking, Luis stepped on something which made him limp badly. Since it was getting dark and I did not have any glasses with me, I could not see what it was. I ended up carrying him part of the way as he was refusing to walk. He might be the smallest dog, however he gets heavy after a while, and it is not easy with seven dogs on the lead and one under your arm.