Sex is all around

Suddenly, all the little chirpy things appear to have woken up! Coming back with Dave and Boris from their evening trot down to the beach, the place seemed to be alive with little insects chirping. I suppose they realise it’s a Holiday Weekend this weekend so are getting in some practice ready for the punters who will undoubtedly appear.

Dave does not usually come out in the evenings and has spent all of today either inside or outside the storeroom. He elected to go in there after the morning walk and has remained there ever since. He’s been helping Manos on and off as he has been doing some carpentry work outside.
As for the others, it’s been a pretty normal day of lazing in the sun sleeping. The ‘puppies’ have been very good today as they have been almost invisible, making hardly any noise. I was awoken by a certain dog at 05:00, but that was probably due to animal activity on the adjacent land.
I washed a couple of hoodies, which had been previously washed in the machine, however the dirt seemed merely to have been redistributed rather than removed. Georgia was away in Chania, so both Manos and I decided it was a good time to make use of the washing machine. I washed the hoodies by hand and left them in soak before putting them into the machine with the remainder of the wash. This time they came out clean, as did the rest of the wash. Hung up and dried in next to no time thanks to the southerly wind which unfortunately brings most of the Sahara to visit Crete!
I’d been meaning to weigh the ‘puppies’ as I have been giving them medication to prevent Leishmaniasis. I guessed their weight to be around 8kg, similar to Luis, Fido and Obi. I weighed Oskar, as he appeared to be walking a little strangely earlier, to find that he is nearer to 10kg: I might need to adjust the medication a little. Charlie, being the smallest, probably weighs less though.
Dennis has not appeared this evening although I think he has walked Georgia’s dogs as there was a lack of barking from them at one point. He was working at the building site as I rode past on my way to the supermarket this morning.
Having fed and watered everything else, I think I will put the puppies to bed and then feed myself! The sardines I bought this morning might get eaten this evening although they require washing first as they are preserved in salt. I’ll give it a go. This nice deli lady is encouraging me to try different stuff which is a good thing.