There is life but…not as we know it

I am still alive today and feeling perhaps less dead than I did yesterday. All things being relative.

It didn’t help having temperatures as high as 42.3C (108F) for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I ended up in the outside showers every thirty minutes to try to cool down. Even under my awning it was baking hot and now I know that I need to buy an extra sun blocker for my awning: one for each side and one for the front.  I was going to get just one side one and move them as the sun goes round however I think it’s not that practical to have to do that all the time and that there will not be enough shade. Certainly, having only a 3m awning yesterday was not up to the job!
I guessed it was getting hot as my server closes down at 40C which it did around 14:00. The temperature didn’t drop below 30C until after 23:00. Incidentally, it doesn’t often get this hot in June.
Dave is digging again. I’m not quite sure what he’s trying to achieve but he seems happy doing it. I have moved his house into the middle of the trees and he seems to like this position.
My French friend, Gilles turned up yesterday and I saw him this morning. He commented that the camping was quite busy and I explained that it is a Holiday Weekend, hence the people. Gilles will be back in a couple of weeks with his family so that we can have a bit of a catch-up. He is spending a couple of weeks walking the E4 route along the south coast.