Visit from Georgia

News regarding my pending demise traveled to Georgia who visited today threatening doctors if recovery wasn’t imminent. I assured her that I was going to survive and that the past couple of days have been more than a bit rough.

During her visit she told Manos that I must have water for a shower and so that I can spray the ground to cool things down and lay the dust. Manos will order the stuff after the holiday.
I have been up from my death chair doing things today whereas yesterday I was doing only the bare minimum for survival.
The dogs didn’t get a walk last night as my batteries had completely run out by then. It was bleedin’ ‘ot anyway, so all they wished to do was lay in the dust and chill out. This morning’s walk was all on the lead due to the number of people on the beaches. I cannot rely on so many young dogs not to get into mischief…
With the dogs being able to roam the compound all the time, I feel it’s not quite so much of a problem if they don’t get an evening walk. The morning walk is nice as it’s early, before most people are about, and during the cool of the day.