Hot again

But not as hot as Saturday as today it was ONLY 38.2C for around 30 minutes from 17:30.

This morning the Small Dogs were able to get a good run out and spent plenty of time off the lead playing in the sand, on the rocks and in the sea. There was only one person resident on the peninsular, and that was a canoeist whose vessel was drawn up on the large beach. The dogs remained on the small beach and rocks area so there was no problem there.
Manos has ordered the necessary pipes and connectors for my water supply which might come at some point during the evening or whenever Polychronis’ men pass in their truck.
Later, Adonis appeared on a flying visit as he was on his way home. He’d not heard from me recently so maybe feared I’d died. I don’t owe him any money so he has little to fear from my untimely demise. He has taken back the large roller, destined for the application of Tick Oil (AKA Teak Oil but with Australian pronounciation). He is also going to order more shading material from Polychronis as well as more Teak Oil and some amazing paint for putting on the van roof to reflect the heat, prevent leaks and probably do the dishes as well. He will also buy some more plumbing bits which I will order from him once I know which bits Polychronis supplies on Georgia’s behalf. She is paying for the installation from the main to a single tap but I have to add such additions as I require for my own purposes. I’ve ensured that it is in 22mm plastic so there will be oodles of water pressure, enough to blow the teeth out of your mouth or strip the skin from your back. I intend extending the pipe under the decking, into the van and then to another tap on the entrance side of the decking. Like Janne and Erica, I will purchase various nozzles and sprays to allow me to water the plants and the dogs, spray the ground to lay the dust and remove accumulated unpleasantnesses, and a pistol, always at the ready, so that I can zap them when they bark, are annoying or hide under the decking where I can’t get at them! Water is included in my rent…
Dennis was back again today as his friend Carol and boyfriend in tow, arrived and are staying for at least one night. Carol came to see all the dogs having been instrumental in looking after Missie when she was in her final stages of pregnancy. She accurately predicted the number of puppies but then she is a midwife. They disappeared off to find Maria to book-in and the next I heard was that Dennis was with them drinking beers at the bar. Some more of Dennis’ hard-drinking friends, but from UK, not Greece. I should imagine they will not be up for paying 21€ per night just to park their van, use the toilets and have a shower, so will disappear up the road to park outside Houmas where there are toilets and a customer beach shower. I no longer go to the bathroom for showers, much preferring to use the ‘cold’ fed outdoor ones nearby. The mains water is quite warm enough and very invigorating in the afternoon.
The noisy kids belonging to the family operating the beach kantina are playing behind the building as their parents feed and water the beach customers. They cannot see me due to the canopy of foliage separating us however I can hear the little darlings. They used to come and pet the dogs as I took them out in the evenings but now the evening walk has been abandoned for the time being due to number of dogs, number of people and the temperature. The dogs don’t seem to mind too much, the compound is big enough for them to mooch about as much as they like and the puppies amuse themselves by racing around their L shaped section, crashing into each other on the corner, whist kicking up great palls of dust. I’m not bothered about putting on weight during the summer since I lost a lot with all the walks and doing reception in winter. People seem to think it’s an improvement however.
I made the payment for the new awning, tent sides and front, sun blocking sides and front and other bits yesterday and sent the invoice to the intermediary company to arrange payment in Euros today. Like that, I can save around £90, as their rates are better than the high street banks and credit cards. It’s fairly painless: I transfer GBPounds to an Irish bank where they turn it into Euros and credit the supplier’s Greek bank account. I don’t move out of my chair, avoiding sitting in a bank in Paleochora for 40 minutes with wads of papers whilst they work out which account to transfer what to whom. I also save money into the bargain. Result!
As my supplier is Greek, and the nice Mr Antonis (Adonis nt=d) himself has taken control of this transaction, I feel I have a better chance of my items navigating the Greek Transport System reasonably intact. Up until now, only the Greek arm of DHL appears to be consistently incompetent when it comes to Cretan distribution activities. Only time will tell.
Dave, previously prone in the storeroom where it’s marginally less hot and fly-infested, is rattling his food bowl so I’d better jump into action and do something.