It is very windy and dusty here

Sitting outside at 17:00, under the awning, with the wind howling and the dust swirling about me. The awning arms are creaking and groaning under the force of the wind however the rip in the east end of the awning material has not extended thanks to the two cable ties fastening it to the awning support arms. The awning structure appears to be standing up to the punishment quite well so far, very good considering its age.

Some of the items for my water supply have arrived however the tap is missing, as they left it behind. Mr Polychronis has been very generous with Mrs P’s money, sending only components of the very highest quality. He has sent all brass 22mm fittings which must have cost a fortune! I only ever use plastic speedfit fittings which I bought from the local plumbers merchant.
The inside of the van looks like the Sahara Desert and so I have stopped worrying when I go in there. I simply wash everything I’m going to use and clean an area to do what I need.
My laptop fortunately has very few moving parts and I have covered the keyboard with a special cover to keep all the grot out. I periodically clean the screen when I am no  longer able to read what is there.
The flies are undeterred by the high wind and continue to buzz around my head, sometimes crashing into things.
The Chinese Post sent a load of dog leads I ordered a while back as well as a cunning ultrasound device one hangs from a tree to deter dogs from barking. We will see how this latest ultrasonic dog deterrent works out. The two which have arrived a few days ago, one via UK and one from China, have both been effective. The idea being that the dogs will eventually get used the the horrible noise emitted by the devices, so having several prevents this. This new device is automatic, so can do its thing when I am not around whereas the two handheld ones need a button pressing.
Out with Boris and Dave this morning, since Boris has not really had a good run out for days, we met a Scottish guy who now lives in Manchester, He has been coming to Paleochora for a number of years usually in June and September. He has come to escape talk of the Neverendum however we did discuss the matter briefly hoping that the vote would be to remain. Boris took the edge from the conversation by repeatedly coming to have his ball thrown by this guy. I have not seen anything of Boris since our return as he has retired to his boudoir where he is doubtless getting over this morning’s mammoth swimming extravaganza.