It’s ‘ot init?

I’ve received several live weather reports from UK today which appear to bear out the ‘Flaming June’ expression. I’m sure all the water is good for the gardens and you can be certain of a hosepipe ban within two weeks.

Here is warm and still windy, but less windy than the previous days. All the creatures were walked this morning enjoying themselves in the sea and on the beach digging and chasing around. Boris and Dave went next and Boris did a lot of swimming after his ball.
I have done lots of IT support stuff which has kept me busy.
Janne has been here, fixing the fence which separates us, which was damaged by wind in the Spring. He has discovered that the poles, embedded in concrete actually bent due to the force of the wind blowing against the fence panels. He has put in lots of strengthening, and Adonis will come, complete with welder, to put in some bracing to the poles to make them more resistant to the wind. Adonis suggested that he might like to break out the existing poles to replace them with larger poles, like the ones I used, however Janne had already brought with him the materials to repair the fence. He said that this would be his next move if the current methods don’t stand up to the elements.
Only a few more hours and the Neverendum will be finished. The good thing is, that no matter whatever the outcome, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss what might have happened.
The puppies are playing quietly, Boris is sleeping somewhere nearby as I had to move him out of Janne’s way because he kept wanting to ‘help’ and brought him sticks. Fido is asleep under my chair and Luis and Obi are probably in the van. Dave seems to like to spend his time in the storeroom as it can be cooler in there.